My Lucky Day

by Sunshine Brady

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An unfinished album by Sunshine Brady recorded to ye olde tape cassette.


released April 28, 2015

Songs written by Ryan Hayes
Album produced by Stuart Maxfield



all rights reserved


Sunshine Brady Salt Lake City, Utah

Sunshine Brady is Ryan J. Hayes (of Midas Whale and Deep Love, A Ghostly Rock Opera).

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Track Name: A Whistle Away
Whenever I feel like I cannot go on
I pucker my lips and I whistle a song
Tomorrow a better day surely will be
As long as it's all up to me

I choose to be so happy, you see
For life's much to short to be dying insipidly

I'm betting tomorrow I'll wake with the dawn
And certain as sunrise my life will go on
There's nothing so bad as could tarnish my faith
When joy's just a whistle away
Track Name: I Tried to Tell You
I tried to tell you, but you just wouldn't listen
I had enough, but that didn't stop you from wishin'
And now my plate is full when I was almost done
So what am I to do with all this love?

What's on your ruffled mind, love? Please won't you tell me?
I'm just a kindly thought so please don't dispel me
I've waited long enough I feel my heart despair
This weight is so much more than I can bear

I tried to tell you, but I couldn't find the time
Or words to say how much I love you
I tried to tell you, but it never came out right
No matter how many times I tried

I hope you won't mistake my all for a morsel
Don't turn again expecting my gift was partial
I wanna die believing nothing died with me
I live but for to give and be complete
Track Name: Long at Last
Today my heart is singing and I can't be guessing why
I'm still a thousand miles away, but it's just a matter of time
Before I'm home
Long at last I'm coming home

I feel the breath of summer and the grass between my toes
I think about her always but she doesn't even know
I'm coming home
Long at last I'm coming home

I'm coming home, my baby, with the gentle summer wind
I'm coming home, my darling, for to never leave again
I've been away so long I can't remember why I left
You promised me you'd wait for me so try to hold your breath

So cram me in a pickup bed or a frozen boxcar rail
I'll live without the comfort now; I'm much too glad to care
'Cause I'm coming home
Long at last I'm coming home
Track Name: My Life My Way
My heart and I are ready to decide
What we'll be keeping
We've broken with the dawn and we'll be moving on
While all the world is sleeping

I only ask you keep me in your past
When the future calls you
My darling I'll be fine, I did it all the time
When you weren't there

I told you my dear, my conscience is clear
There's nothing could stand in my way
I'm learning to live my life my way

My life with you, broken and abused
Is not worth keeping
I gave it all I could and tried to make it good
Despite my doubts
And all I ever learned was how to take my turn
And learn to love without
Track Name: Nobody's Listening
Here I am talking, but nobody's there
Well maybe there's someone, but nobody cares
I'm talking to the shadows, I'm talking to the walls
'Cause nobody's listening at all

I might understand if my thoughts weren't contained
But I only speak when I've something to say

I've got all the answers, I'm aching to please
But nobody's listening to me
Track Name: Something Better
I don't believe in being much annoyed
My life is good, all except the noise
It seems each time I've gone and made my choice
Something better comes along
I wish I had a better view
I try so hard, but I'm still confused
'Cause each time I try to settle down with you
Something better comes along

I get no help beyond my own
I know so much but what I should have known
So why still try to prove how much I've grown
If something better always comes along
I promise what I cannot prove
And try my best to see what I can do
But I don't plan on giving up on you
Till something better comes along

So hold me tight all through the night
Till something better comes along

I'm terrified of letting go
Of all the things that I used to know
But every time I think I've lost it all
Something better comes along
I'm happier than I'll ever be
I'm glad you ended up choosing me
But I still think I'll just wait and see
If something better comes along